Hello and welcome!


Who I Am

My name is Alia Allen and I am a sophomore at Great Bend High School.

My Goals

My goals are to graduate high school early through computer classes. Getting straight A's is a big goal of mine and to get plenty of scholarships.

My Future Plans

After I graduate high school, I plan on persuing my carreer to become a fashion designer. I will be going to K-State, as they have a great fashion program! I will then probably move to New York or L.A. for a job or internship because it will be easier getting a job in a big city and I will work my way up to soon be the fashion designer. When I am the fashion designer I will have my own business and plan on moving to a smaller town because I can't stand big cities and I will have my business in a big city and I will mange it and work from home in a much smaller town.


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