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Who am I ???

Hey, my name is Alyssa and welcome to Herters Home which is my website about myself! I am senior in High School and can't wait to see where life takes me. My full name is Alyssa Dawn Herter and I was born November 6th, 2001. I am 18 years young ;) .... and I love my cute little floof-balls (aka-my doggos and kitties).

Where did I grow up??

I grew up in Claflin, KS with my mom, dad, grandmas and grandpa. I lived in a little white house right across the street from the park and church. When I was bored I used to go sit on my porch eating sprinkles and counting cars as they drove by. I went to Claflin Elementry School until first grade then I moved over to Great Bend and thats where I have been ever since. I am so very glad we moved to my current house in the country and to my new school. I have met so many friends that I will forever be thankful for.


Where do I go to school??

I go to school at Great Bend High School. I am a current student of the class 2020. After I graduate, I am going to play volleyball at Barton Community College and plan on continuing my education to be a Dental Hygeinist.

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My Class

I am a part of the class 2020! I graduate this May!! I am so thankful that I am part of this group of people. I can't belive I am a senior and graduating this year. I am a little sad to say goodbye to alot of my friends but I'm excited to start a new chapter.



What are my plans for the future??

I plan on graduating High School then I am going to play volleyball at Barton Community College. After that I would love to finish college out at Flint Hills to get my degree in Dental Hygeine. Also, for way later in life its my dream to have a stable job, and grow a family with someone special.

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