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My Social Life

My social media accounts are a way to get to know me a little better. If you add or follow me on anything you'll learn so much more about me because I don't really talk about my personal stuff in person. I like to use social media a lot, whether i use it for laughs or to talk to my friends. I am always posting or retweeting something. I post about my hobbies,adventures, thoughts and funny memes.

Here are some of my posts:




YBN Concert

Here I met rapper YBN Cordae in Lawrenence, Ks. I went to his first concert here in Kansas and I was lucky enough to meet him. It was a great experience and I definately never forget that night.



















Vacation Trip

Here I got to travel to and visit Mazatlan in Mexico. It was very fun being able to be around my culture and just to see all the beautiful things in Mazatlan.







Homecoming 2019

Here I was a home coming canditate with Yasmin. We did not end up winning but it was great to be a candidate and to go through the homecoming parade.












Football Game

Here I took a pic with my bro Bryce after taking a big win vs Hays. Bryce and all the football guys went off that game.
















Senior Season

Here's a picture of me and my guy Jr. This picture was taken mid handshake after I scored. Too many soccer pictures with all my bros and friend. But this picture will always be memorable.













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