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I first started playing soccer when I was 4 years old. I didn't start playing competitive soccer until I was 8 years old, which is when I met all of my best friends. I had joined the local club team, where all my friends would play and travel around Kansas playing soccer tournaments. Our team name was GBUFC and we were the best team in the state. We played in all of the best tournaments in the state and even traveled out of state to Nebraska for more competition. From the ages of 8-12 We did not lose a single tournament. Once we turned 13 we started to play with kids a year older to get more competition. We were still a very good team but just not as dominant as we used to be in our own age group. The same squad I grew up playing with at the age of 8 was the same team I played with through middle school season and all of highschool. We continued to dominate in middle school and went undefeated both years.








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I have played soccer all my 4 years of highschool. Througout my 4 years we won the Titan Classic Championship, Regionals Championship and beat nationally ranked Dodge City. The first two years was pretty rough because our varsity team was basically freshman/sophomore players playing agaisn't top ranked teams that were full of juniors and seniors. That did not stop us from winning the Titan Classic Championship our freshman year and then making it to the Regional Final our sophomore year.







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Junior year was when we beat nationally ranked Dodge City 2-1 away. Dodge City had not lost at home since 2014 we ended that streak. It was a very tough game, and a game that I will never forget. Junior year we entered the regional playoffs as the underdogs. We had to play a play-in-game before actually playing in the first round of regionals. We won that game, so our first round game was agaisn't 2nd seed Salina Central. They were a very tough team who had already beat us earlier in the season. We beat them 3-2 in a very close game and we advanced to the Regional Championship.For the championship game we played Salina South. And after 7 year drought our soccer program finally won a Regional Championship. We beat Salina South 3-1 and we advanced to the State Quater Finals. This game was our last game of the season. We played Maize South and they outplayed us and won 3-1.









Senior year we had the best season record our program has had for a while. We were winning games and got to host the first round of Regionals. We played Adover HS and beat them 3-1 and advanced to the Regional Championship where we had to play #1 seed and undefeated Goddard EIK. We scored first in the first half of the game, we were off to a good start.But in the second half they tied it up and after two penalty saves from our goalie we went into ovetime. That was when Goddard's player scored andended our season.

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