Class of 2020

I have always gone to school here in Great Bend since the age of 4 when I started pre-school to know 18 years old and a senior at Great Bend High School. I have always liked school as a kid mainly for the reason I get to see my friends everyday. I have always been a smart kid but I never liked to be the smartest kid in my group of friends. So I wouldn't get the best test grades but I never got the lowest grade either. I didn't prioritize school until high school because I was only focused on my sports. Now in highschool I have been a member of Kays and I have been a member of Barton County Upward Bound since my sophmore year. Upward Bound has made a big impact of my academics and on my life.

1st Hour Advanced Biology Mrs. Charles
2nd Hour Computer Concepts & Applications Mrs. Allen
3rd Hour Theater Tech & Performance Mrs. Johnson
4th Hour AP English Comp I Mrs. Strickland
5th Hour Sports Medicine II Mr. Zink
6th Hour Teacher Aid Mrs. Stalcup
7th Hour US Government Mrs. Pfannenstiel
8th Hour College Algebra Mrs. Hiss







1. Gradutate High School

2. Attend and Graduate from Barton Community College

3. Attend and Graduate from either Empoira State or Fort Hays State.

4. Enter my career and be successful.


Dreamweaver Project 1 Dangerous Frogs

Ex. Ch 1 Lab 1









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