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My full name is Evan Scott Shell. I was born August 15th in 2004. I am a sophomore at Great Bend High School. My hobbies consist of bowling, driving around with friends, playing Xbox with the boys, and watching Netflix with my closest friends and family. After I graduate in the year of 2022, I want to study criminal justice at Barton Community College and potentially go to Wichita State University to further my knowledge in criminal justice. I am considered the baby of my friend group because I am so much younger than all of my other friends. After a while, I've become used to it and learned to live and laugh at it with them. I bowl for Great Bend High School during the winter season. This season, we went undefeated in regular season play in WAC and won a tournament in Andover. This season was really fun and I'm sad that it is over. I am ready for city leagues with everyone who bowls and ready to practice over the summer and fall, getting ready to win again next season.

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