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HI!! My name is Isaiah Smith and I am a student of Great Bend High School. This is my personal page I'm making for my computer's clas for a grade. I have some personal things on here I hope you enjoy! So please feel free to click on a link and go to my next interest. Thank you for viewing my server!

About me

My full name is Isaiah Elias Peter Smith, and I'm 15 years of age . I have been living in Kansas for the past 9 years. My family and I are originally from Canton, Georgia, a town with a population of about 28,000 people. I am now living in a small town called Great Bend, Kansas. I have 4 siblings and my parents who are still together. To be specific I have two brothers. Malachi and Jesse, and two sisters, Xanna and Athena. My parents name are Lorraine and Eric. I am a somphore in highschool. A couple of fun facts about me are:


              • My favorite food is Lasagna

              • My favorite show is Riverdale

              • My favorite musician is Finneas

        So please, feel free to explore the rest of my website and learn more about me!

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